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I'm a Real Person With Real Needs...

Ladies Only Please: Don't Play Games Either: Name: Christopher J. Ring Name: John Johnson Nickname: Goofy Birthday: Jan 10, 1982 Age: 27 Height: 5'10" Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Size: 7-1/4-long & 3-fingers wide Job: Wrestling Referee / Security Officer Have You Ever: Fallen for your best-friend: YES Kissed someone who was just your friend: YES Been rejected: YES Been in love: YES Used someone: NO Cheated on someone: NO Been cheated on: YES Done something you regret: YES Do you: Color your hair: NO Have tattoos: NO Have any piercings: NO Have a bf/gf: NO Like thunderstorms: YES Ever get off the damn computer: YES Have you/Do you have: Considered a life of crime: NO Considered being a hooker: NO Considered being a pimp: NO Split personalities: NO Obsessions: NO Panic: NO Anxiety: NO Depression/Considered suicide: NO Right now: Current clothes: Gators Gear Current mood: Smooth Current hair: Short Current music: Rap-Rock Current annoyance: None Current perfume/cologne: Axe Current thing you should be doing: Working Current crush: None Favorite: Drink: Sprite Color: Blue Candy: M&M's TV Show: Simpsons Movie: Office Space Place: Port Orange, Florida Person to talk to: Jose Medina Do your prefer: McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's Marry the Perfect Lover or the perfect friend: Perfect Friend Root Beer or Dr Pepper: Root Beer Sunshine or Rain: Both Spring or Fall: Spring Winter or Summer: Winter Vanilla or Chocolate: Vanilla Snowboarding or Skiing: None Lights on or Off: Both Are you: Understanding: YES Open Minded: YES Bad Tempered: Little Happy: YES Attractive: What do you think???? Bored Easily: Little Sad: NO Unique: YES What do you like in a Girl: EYES & LEGS Eyes: Blue Hair color: Brown Long or short hair: Both Height: 5'5" Body Type: Average Personality: Friendly Montesano pussy Looking for an Average Girl to have fun with.

.. Want No Strings Attached Sex!!!!!!!! I won't bite hard unless you tell me other wise... I Hate It when a girl says she will meet you and she doesn't show up.

.. I want to meet a real girl face to face not any other way... Lets Hook Up & Party Ladies... (9-5-4)5_5_4-8_6_3_1 cj_weir011082 at Bell South Dot Net *** L8ER All ***

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sexy woman

I am seeking an adult female for a multiple event sexual relationship, discreet and casual sex. I am an honest, loyal, and confident gentleman, and understand I will not meet 100% of my gal's desires all of the time, but I sure as heck am going to try.

I desire friendship, a companion. My gal needs to be my sole sexual partner (as I will be for her), she needs to desire a sexual relationship with me (as I will for her).

I want to keep it hot, and move forward with my gal.

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All Opend Minded People Come Aboard Montesano pussy

I'm pretty down to earth typical kinda women when you look at me. But underneath all that I like to get down and dirty. I am very open minded and always seeking to try new things. I like to please and be pleased.

I am into light bondage, toys and kinky sex. Also very interested in mmf/ ffm/ encounters. Montesano pussy I am looking for the man that knows how to respect a woman and is aimed to please and be pleased.

A man with an open mind to try new things weather it be one on one threesomes or some light bondage. I am also seeking a woman that wants to be respected treated like a queen but can also be my slut in the bedroom.

A woman with an open mind to experience pleasure to its fullest with light bondage, kinky sex, toys and threesomes.

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Shawty Wanna Do Me Like A PornStar

I'LL Tell U But Tell Then Hit This Up /KILLA2G1 montesano pussy Im Lookin 4 A Gurl Dats Fuckable As N A Gurl DaT I Wanna Fuck Or Would Fuck And She Cant B Fat Or Ugly

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they call me Special K because i too can give you all the vital nutrients to a healthy

well lets see, my name is Kasey i go to college here in Weatherford at SWOSU. IM a Criminal Justice Major with a Minor in Foreign Linguistics. Im a pretty easy going guy, i love to play music, im the drummer in a band, i play guitar, piano, bass, well.

.. im just an all around guy haha. I love to make people laugh, i believe laughter is the key to happiness. I enjoy hanging with friends, im a very passionate and sensual person.

If you wanna know anything else like what i do for fun or , whats my fantasy and sexual things like that well message me. kasey Montesano pussy well lets see, i would like to find a woman thats is close to weatherford (100 miles from)and loves to please a man.

..any woman that enjoys giving oral will be satisfied with me, i too have the magic toungue, lol. I am not a very pick person , i believe that you are beautiful on the inside and not the outside (even though the way women look is eye candy lol) i am not a very choosy person either.

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It's wet and ready, I know you want it Montesano pussy

Sweet and seductive, your undercover love slave. Am I spoiled, hell yes. Give me what I want, when I want it, and I promise to make you maui couple swapping club happy. I am extremely open minded, you just need to coax me the right way and you can have it all.

Did I mention slapping my ass... Interested in satisfying all of my curiosities. Hopefully learn a few new things although I think I know it all now

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Let us fufill ALL your fantasy's

Hello, First off we are both very much in love and are crazy about each other. We have NO JEALOUSY in our relationship. We are both very very bi and love our lifestyle we live. What we are looking for is a single bi-male 4 him and her to play with.

Also, a bi-female 4 her and him to play with. I'm looking for a guy who has no boundaries and is very open sexually. I'm not into guys who only do one thing or the other.

I am looking for a versatile guy who likes to give as well as receive-oral and anal play. If your over six inches then please don't email us for I'm not into pain. That is the one limit I do have.

Now if your six or under please write.GUYS: If your just acting like your bi to try to get my wife then please look elsewhere. Because if your bi then u would have no problem having sex with me while my wife might be out and about right.

So if your looking for some all night fun and hopefully a really good friend to hang out with as well please shoot us an email and we'll get right back to ya ASAP.

As for her: She is looking for an extremely bi girl for some naughty play. She is not a passive bi or looking for a passive bi girl. She is all bi and loves to give but also likes to receive as well.

So if you don't do both please pass us by. She loves the smell, taste, and touch of another woman. She loves alot of foreplay and is very sexual. Defiantly, not afraid to try anything at least once.

Well unless its pain(maybe a light spanking-she loves that) Also, same goes for the girls, you get the hubby but not every night, sometimes it just might be a girls night of fun times...So ladies if your interested in meeting a very sexual and beautiful girl to become friends with give us a shout, we will email ya back.

.............And of course, if there are any BI-cpls out there who like what they have read so far then please write us too. We would love to meet a cpl who is totally open sexually and into all types of bi play with no boundaries just all fun times.

...we are not picky people just ask that you be clean, neatly trimmed or shaved as we are both shaved and very clean as well. Cleanliness is required!! Hope to hear from you soon!! Montesano pussy Our profile is being d daily, we will have more pics and comments in the coming days.

We already have tons of pics to share as well. Hope you do!!

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square peg lookin for round hole

I,m a 33 year old, from socal,thats still has plenty of steam left in him. I enjoy going out and about or just kickin it at home watching a 80s movie. Love Mexican food with a passion, it's on! Montesano pussy As long as your loyal, happy, and you dont weigh more than I do, then I think we might get along ok.

No crazy husbands or other excess heavy baggage. A little bits ok, becaus we all have something we dont like about are selfs, some more than others.

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Looking for Brave Souls to Try out Some New Sex Positions

I am looking to explore new adventures and having fun in a discreet way. I would love to meet new friends to share my sensual and erotic nature with.I'm the type of the person that enjoys maui couple swapping club sex and men that can be warm, loving, and sweet.

I do not want nutty hardasses or macho Montesano pussy wannabees, sorry but have had enough of that. I love sex, and thats all im looking for.

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Who am I? I have been swinging for about five years. I know what I like, such as I love a woman that like to explore herself and explore life that is both in and out of the bedroom. I do not mind teaching a woman things, and that my sound funny to most, but I have experienced a lot and if you are willing and able to learn I will teach you.

I would like to meet a woman that loves this lifestyle and is ready to explore themselves on a deeper level sexually and turning within to get to know themselves ever the more.

Montesano pussy What am I looking for? I am looking for a woman that is or already exploring their body and just ready to be pleased. I will play with couples, but only a select few. Couples I have found that many think that they are doing me a favor by letting me sleep with their wife, but getting sex for me it not the issue.

I do like and will continue to meet couples, because overall I have met a lot of good people and some I still talk with as friends. Do not worry I know I am just the extra body in a fun and exciting experience; I am not trying to take anyone's wife or break up anyone's home.

(You have enough assholes and selfish people that can do that on their own). It is the exploring different things about sex that I like, so please do not think that I am a hard up guy that is looking for to just fuck your wife.

I just enjoy this lifestyle.

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How We Started Swinging

I hope this doesn't get too long for you, but let me give you some history of us. Even before we got married I knew I could never fully satisfy her sexually. I could eat her to satisfaction, but as soon as I tried to fuck her I cum within 2 or 3 strokes. Sometimes even before getting it in her. We had been living together for about three months when one night while I was at work she got drunk and let one of the guys we work with, and had a reputation of using women for his pleasure, fuck the shit out of her. She said she was sorry and I could really satisfy her with my tongue, but she likes a really good fuck too. She said she would understand if I made her move out. I asked her to marry me instead. Then when I first started to talk about a threesome she was very reluctant to even talk about it. Well it finally came out that she thought that this was just a way for me to get even and other women. So I told her I had no intentions of fucking other women, that I just wanted her to have all the sexual pleasure she desired. So with that said we set some rules to play by. How silly of me to think they would last. 1. This was for her sexual pleasures and her desires. 2. I was not to have any sexual relation with any other woman than her. 3. No kissing that was intimate and was to be reserved for us. 4. Condoms would be used for penetration because I felt that should be reserved for us. Well our first time was pretty much as we had discussed it. We met him for drinks and a "get to know each other meeting". The next meeting we met him at a motel bar. We had a couple of dinks and talked then he asked if he should get a room. Before I could speak she said "sure I'm ready". As soon as he left to get the room I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this. Well her answer was "was I ready to see my wife fucked by another man". About that time he returned with the key and we were off to the room. As soon as we got to the room his shirt was off. As he started to help her with her clothes we could tell she was nervous. So I asked again was she sure she wanted to do this. She was sure , but I should go to the bar and get me another beer and give her a couple of minutes alone with him. When I returned back to the room with my beer I wasn't prepared for what I saw. He was naked laying back on the bed and she was naked kneeling over him sucking away on his cock. His cock was about the same size as mine. She looked up with this big smile and said get your clothes off an cum get this pussy ready for a good fuck. And laid back and spread her legs for me. Well it didn't take but a second to be naked and my head between her leg licking away. I felt him moving on the bed so when I looked up his dick was back in her mouth and she was sucking him as I licked her.